Welcome to

Chiltern Primary School


These are the people you will meet here: -

Teaching Staff


Mrs L Clarke - Headteacher

Mrs C Bower - Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Mrs J Marshall - Assistant Headteacher

Miss J White - Assistant Headteacher

Miss K Hill - Assistant Headteacher  


Foundation 1

Miss S Metcalfe

Miss S Avery


Foundation 2

Mrs J Marshall and Mrs C Bower

Mrs M Greaves


Year 1

Miss A Normington

Mr P Metcalfe


Year 2

Mr C Marshall

Miss J Readhead


Year 3

Miss L Tubb

Miss E Cashmore


Year 4

Miss K Jackson

Miss H West


Year 5

Mr D Sage

Miss J White and Miss K Hill


Year 6

Mr J Gittins

Mrs H Anderson


PPA Cover

Mrs S Harling

Mrs S Taylor (Numbers Count Intervention) 

Mrs K Baker

Teaching Assistants


Miss N Medley

Mrs M Hodgson

Miss A Hordon

Mrs C Marsh

Mrs L Wharf

Mrs L Williamson

Mrs S Armstrong

Mrs K Covell

Miss K Quine

Miss K Langham

Mrs S Croft

Mrs W Helm

Mrs K Chadwick

Mrs K Ranson

Mrs C Fernie

Miss S Bell

Mrs J Stevens

Miss K Eaman

Miss J Johansen

Mrs T Lunn

Mrs K Syrett

Miss L Sage

Mr P Clarke


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Gillard


Non Teaching Staff

Miss A Owston - School Business Manager

Mr J Priestman - Assistant Administrative Officer

Mrs L Grainger - Assistant Administrative Officer

Miss M Brusch - Assistant Administrative Officer

Mrs L Howland - Child Protection Coordinator

Mrs L Greig - Family Link Worker

Mrs M Dunn - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Robinson - School Nurse (Contact through school)


If your child is unlucky enough to hurt themselves whilst in school, we do have several trained First Aiders on the premises who are able to deal with most casualties:

Mrs L Greig              Family Link Worker

Miss N Medley         Nursery Nurse

Mrs A Hodgson        Nursery Nurse

Mrs C Marsh            Nursery Nurse

Mr P Clarke              Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Grainger         Administrator

Mr J Priestman         Administrator

Miss M Brusch         Administrator

Miss Wilson             Teaching Assistant

Miss Gledhill            Teaching Assistant

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