ChilternPrimaryHull @ChilternPSHull

27 Mar #Year4 #cookit - entering buns and meeting the major well done kids,! @Open_Futures @HullLordMayor

27 Mar #foundation #mariecurie FS1 staff supporting Marie Curie Daffodil Day!

27 Mar #foundation Parent Partnership Day - FS1 having lots of Easter fun today!

25 Mar #foundation #easter FS1 making chocolate easter nests!

25 Mar #Foundation parent partnership day - learning together

25 Mar Yesterday the Easter bonnet parade raised £82.74 to help support our #JRockChallenge performance next month, thank you for all your support

25 Mar Today #Yr5 combined their instruction writing, data handling and scientific investigation skills to test rocket fuels

24 Mar Today the children in each year group had the chance to show off their Easter bonnets

23 Mar Mr Metcalfe's class have been taking photos of cress growing then adding a caption using Tiny Tap on their iPads.

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