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09:06 RT @cbbc: This Safer Internet Day, #Newsround has 5 top tips for staying safe online: #SID2016…

8 Feb RT @safeinternetday: #Youth want their personal information kept safe from online hackers. #YouthManifesto publication:…

8 Feb Yr5 investigated how they could filter muddy water to make drinking water. Here are their final filters #science

2 Feb #Y5 finding out how Christians put their faith into action! How can we persuade more people to help? #ChristianAid

28 Jan A reminder to parents, there are minimum age requirements for all social media sites to keep your children safe!

27 Jan Y5 Mindfulness workshops at Chiltern. How are you feeling today? Acknowledge your feelings!

22 Jan

22 Jan

22 Jan Short clip from the pantomime this morning

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